Our Story

Like every woman, I want to make the healthiest decisions for my body.

Hearing stories of women being diagnosed with breast cancer really made me question the components of the everyday antiperspirant and its effect on my well being. After some research and discussion my partner,  I knew it was time to bin all my antiperspirants. Almost every antiperspirant contains inorganic aluminum along with propellants and other highly toxic chemicals.

On further research, I discovered the reputed carcinogenic nature of the aluminum that is contained in everyday antiperspirant.

My search for an effective natural alternative led me to discover many natural alternatives use baking soda or alcohol as their bases, However, many of these were either ineffective or irritant towards my skin.

I decided to something better and healthier needed to be created. Starting in my kitchen, I worked up endless batches of natural deodorants to understand what ingredients would help create a better lasting natural deodorant without resorting to baking soda.

My partner, Pranshul, works as a medical doctor with a Masters in Translational Oncology. He got involved in further research into the formulation possibilities, focusing on making an effective deodorant product that put the health and well being as the priority.

Having grown up in India, he was well accustomed to the principles of Ayurveda. This is an ancient medical practice that focuses on the use of naturally derived active ingredients to benefit health and well being.

Using our research we discovered the benefits of oceanic sourced Magnesium as a base for our healthy natural deodorant. Magnesium is a super mineral and is responsible for over 300 functions in our bodies and more importantly, for us, our unique formulation will keep you odor free for up to 24 hours.

After 18 months of research and trialing formulations, we have completed our first healthy magnesium deodorant spray scented with natural coconut and vanilla oils. 

Our healthy magnesium deodorant is never tested on animals and adheres to the strictest European and International production standards. 

We make our deodorant with pride at home in Ireland and look forward to helping you make the switch to our healthy deo.